Inland Rail Petition

We call on Prime Minister Morrison to agree that until we have a solution as to how freight will reach the Port of Brisbane, and the Salisbury to Beaudesert passenger line is complete:

1. Coal trains will stay on the existing line (West Moreton Rail System) and;

2. Freight Containers will stay single-stacked.

The Inland Rail Project is one of the most significant issues affecting our community.

None of us want to stand in the way of a nation building project, but we deserve to be properly consulted, which the ARTC has failed to do.

As your local representative I have stepped up where the ARTC has let our community down.

I have written to residents, held community barbeques, attended community meetings, written to the ARTC and Federal LNP Infrastructure Ministers, and met with the CEO of the ARTC to put our case forward.

I advocated for the establishment of a Community Consultative Committee so residents had a forum to hold the ARTC to account. Unfortunately, the ARTC and Federal LNP Government have not taken residents’ concerns seriously and used the CCC as a ‘tick and flick’ forum and a means to divide the community.

The Palaszczuk Government is calling on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to agree to our terms on Inland Rail and back southside families.

It is time for the Federal Government to step up after years of ignoring the views of local residents and failing to consult with the community about Inland Rail.